What is a basic protocol for Energy Clearing?

What debris, stale energy, entity, infliction or labels of disease and assumption can you imagine are lingering in any given human aura you come across?

Hard to imagine?

After 4 years of a live in relationship of lovers that included tending to his childrens daily needs, driving him his forgotten briefcase, trusting his word after late nights out, Gloria knew the inevitable.

Her relationship was over and it was not going to be salvaged at any cost. What she needed salvaged was her peace of mind. She needed him cleared of her space mentally and emotionally it felt like he, or the relationship, was haunting her. She tried daily physical activity, relaxation and meditation techniquess, all of which supported the effort but did not outlast the mind clicks on the trauma of being decieved in a relationship she gave so much to.

Her energy was leaking.

Gloria is like many who have never truly learned the art of Energtic Hygene a modality diluted into many protocols but truly is the most powerful in itself it done on the daily.

It takes one valuable tool however and that is imagination.

Bio-cognitive research has shown the multi benefits of embodying words for new cognitive learning at any age. Connecting the mind and body for healing is as old as time. What better tool of the mind then imagination, to serve as the key to healing the energy bodies.

Basic Protocol for Energetic Hygene

  1. Align yourself between heaven and earth
  2. Breathe in that space and let all debris fall away, where only you remain.
  3. Imagine your Cosmic cord delivering through the light a brush, made of divine crystaline brissles, or the fine aligned featherd quill that is a cosmic comb.
  4. Brush and Comb your energy egg.
  5. Brush and comb your energy bodies, detangle them.
  6. Rest and notice the difference

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