Mercury and Mars in Retrograde

Everyone has a warning for Mercury retrograde. When it arrives in the dead of summer it get’s even scarier right? Please universe, I hope mercury doesn’t break down my air conditioner! And to make it even more interesting we have Mars going in the shadow of the earth too.

The multiple planets “retro” effect is intense. It feels like the lady behind you in line at the grocery store is a few inches from pushing you forward, you feel the push before it ever happens. With Mars in the equation, it intensifies our clarity of knowing exactly what needs to get done, with the revealing of the full moon it becomes even more clear.

Mars is the red planet of heat and action, mingling with the intensity of the trickster Mercury. Both in the shadow of our home planet, Earth. Be prepared for someone to try to aggravate you or push your boundary. What does preparation look like?


Stop and smell the flowers.

Create a routine of deeper listening.

Give attention to details and move slow.

Create boundaries for yourself to take action in a way that you know is a good step for you.

Don’t let anyone come between you and your practice of self-realization and centering.

Practice compassion as we are all dealing with the pulse of our solar system, or, the vibes of our neighbors.

Infinite Blessings,

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Olivia Biera

Los Angeles Based Healer and Source Expert. Teacher of Spectrum Healing. Poet and Author. Mother of 2 and student of Oral Traditions.


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