How I made a successful business
that fueled my passion.

It’s not hard to tell what you are passionate about. Your mind is running a song about it 24/7. Still, for some, it may be a question, what makes your heart sing?

Or you have the dilemma of learning to focus on only one passion. Well, who says you need to do it that way? 

Live to your fullest potential. Combine your talents with your efforts and stop giving your time away. Let's turn your self-care into self-empowerment!

Your passion is a combination of your natural tendency to move toward joy and expansion, coupled with what you're really good at.

In other words, where in your life do you feel expansive? Where do you find feelings of joy and abundance? What would drive you to get up in the morning if you didn't need a paycheck?

I had an upbringing in a health-conscious household, and I've always been a natural communicator.  It wasn't apparent to me that I could put those two things together until I realized that no employer will ever work for me as hard as I work for them and that I must stand independently in my career.

At that moment my focus stepped into overdrive. I began studying modalities in the healing arts and learning more about myself and where I felt empowered. There was a potent sense of peaceful joy that revealed to me my passion.

I began to encounter more people that I admired in my field and I returned to some fundamental principles that established more confidence in my growth as a business owner.

They were simple, so take notes ;)

1. Believe in your dream no matter who tells you it's bonkers.
2. Commit to always improving.
3. Begin with the end in mind.

These 3 concepts are foundational for the dream you can build.

On your journey, you will find that,
The further you follow your passion, the more resources will become available for you to make it into a living.

It was this clarity of belief that set me in motion to succeed.

Let me share a bit on how I made a successful home business that really fueled my passion.

These were the steps I took next:

  1. I defined my passion and my niche without thinking about what I was planning to sell, I did it from my heart, mind, body, and spirit.
  2. I authenticated myself as my own boss by working at-will contracts, and freelance gigs.
  3. I established a specific amount of space in my home, and time in my calendar that was dedicated to my work.
  4. I researched and found a reputable company with the most outstanding products for direct selling.
  5. I worked diligently to generate a consistent stream of residual income that gave me more time in my home office.
  6. I committed myself to living a creatively conscious, environmentally friendly lifestyle.
  7. I shut down all the haters in my head #BOOM

Now it's your turn if you are ready to level up in your life to be able to spend time doing the things you are most passionate about.

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