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Morning meditations

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Start the day with some feelings or words to charge your self with the magnetic power of the universe. Words that enhance your goals and inspiration for growth. 

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Primordial energy runs through all things.

It is the first spark <img class=” /> to create a universe.

It is your inner light that is eternal always.

It exists in every flower  

every stone

every mountain

every drop of water,

every star in the sky 

and every dark corner.

It is what mystics passionately love,

what poets endlessly attempt to describe.

There are many metaphors but still, no words can capture the true essence of Core consciousness and primordial energy.

Breathing meditation will connect you to that essence and dial you in.

So if the words don’t inspire you into that deep essence,






New Moon: A chance to begin again

May the wisest part of you,

Dance freely with the youngest part of you

as you set the intentions

for the revelation of Spring and the Full Moon

-opb (March 2017)

For many of you embarking into the depth of your personal growth and spiritual journey, the pull to explore your creative power is evident.

I can remember the first astrology calendar I bought myself in my late teens. I knew very little about the symbols and shapes before me, yet somehow I knew, in my heart of hearts, that even if it took years to learn, I would become empowered.

I felt connected to my elder self, who had the experience of using the calendar and began my studies of our cyclical astrological system of planets.

One of the most repeated cycles is that of our moon. From new to first quarter, we have the opportunity to start fresh with the freedom of choice to focus our intentions. The energy lends itself to starting fresh and feeling new, even with tired old repetitive subjects.

The first quarter leading up to the full moon gives us the momentum and practicality to set into action the necessary steps.

New moon intentions will be revealed during the full moon. Like the seeds planted deep beneath the snow of winter to come to bloom in spring, the intentions we sew before the clean slate of a new moon will be made and nourished as the moon progresses.  Bringing further to light, we see any limiting factors come into perspective.

What do we do with them?

The opportunity to pivot between positive grace and negative regression is like choosing the healthy or greasy option. How will you nourish yourself even when limiting patterns of dis-belief awaken inside?

When the challenges we face to meet our goals are met with the vision of the intention revealed, there is a release in our tension. Our creative waves flux and we are able to meet our challenges with a new perspective.

The full moon to last quarter reminds me of a huge spotlight on the stage of the world. What was consciously or sub-consciously intended, now is made visible, made reality and we see revealed every flaw, fantasy and most importantly, how it relates to our lives.

Oh yes, and everyone else can see it too. Of course, they have feedback. Even when they are not conscious of their awareness to your intentions, the universe is and they may speak the words to reveal more by the light of the moon.

Are you ready to listen?

The Waning moon or the last quarter to the new moon is a time of reflection. The emotions can reveal what needs to change and what needs to rise. They give you a vision for the next new moon and the chance to begin again.

I often stay at home during the dark moon, the last few days before the new moon. If I find myself out during this time it vital to y energy that my time is spent fruitfully nourishing my self-care and energy.


New Moon Prayer Poem

Let me clarify my intentions

as I let go of the previous cycle

the wisdom of the ages is within

and the tone of my voice is heard

asIi intend for my highest truth to be revealed

and my deepest body consciousness to be honored

my physical body and light body are aligned

as the sun, moon and earth

empower my knowing

-opb Aug 9, 2018


Emotional Hygiene Techniques

Earlier this evening my daughter who is a month away from turning 13, casually relaxes next to me in my room and says, “I want to hear your life story”.

I stumbled over my emotions in that moment, stirring through for some courage.

Stumped for what to say I questioned her with “why would you say that to me? you know I am under enough pressure! What made you say that?”

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Does Success have to equal Stress?

A client of mine, an amazing speaker and radio show host, comes to me for respiratory issues. One of the treatments I offer is very effective and deeply relaxing and admitted her lungs felt much better yet she enjoyed the relaxation. As an activist she is managing all different types of stress at work that she was afraid the stress would activate the respitory issue. At that time, the treatment was the only thing that helped her relax.

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Centering our Lives With Self Care

Centering Our Lives –

Self care is so much more than going to the spa. We tell ourselves how much we deserve a spa day, how hard we’ve worked and it’s finally our turn for some pampering. I would agree, we all can use some pampering and various degrees of humidity, or humility, witch the spa tends to provide. 

Self Care is a deliberate activity to take care of self or an aspect of self. 

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Full moon mysteries – Is it truly a time to release?

Full moon mysteries. Is it truly a time to release?
I’m curious as to how many of you feel the message to release and let go during a full moon is based on fact?
I always thought of the full moon as a spotlight onto what is to be revealed, reflected.
As in all cyclical cosmic truths, it would truly depend on a multitude of other cooresponding alignments to potently intend within the flow of lunar phases.
So why do we imprision our inspiration with a certain set agenda to “let go” during a full moon?

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A 5 Step Process to Avoid Conflict

In the book The Buddhas Brain Rick Hanson PH.D writes about the way our deep seated tendencies created through the evolution of the brain within in our species. He writes…

As soon as you place anyone outside of the circle of “us,” the mind/brain automatically begins to devalue that person and justify poor treatment of him (Efferson, Lalive, and Feh 2008), This gets the wolf of hate up and moving, only a quick pounce away from active aggression.

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