What inspired me to start my own business.

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When starting my own business became helping people become empowered physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is your job, there is not a day that you don’t love it.

I love it most when a client tells me all of the beautiful ways in which their life has changed because of the work we did together. I also love the trust in relationships that I get to build and the communities that form. Seeing people become empowered by their gifts and talents is a real treasure.

I started at a young age as a peer counselor and facilitator of trauma healing. As I began to make money in my teens working in the cosmetics industry, I realized that free-lancing would be a requirement for me to continue enjoying my days.

The natural transition to becoming a healer was a direct result of me using my gifts and talents to help others who had a need I was confident I could fulfill.

“I realized that no employer will ever work for me as hard as I work for them and that I must stand independently in my career.”

How I made a successful business that fueled my passion.

Over the years, I have been re-inspired by the amazing Masters and Mentors who have proved that a career in helping other passionately and authentically possible, and a graceful way to thrive yet mandated for the current day in age.

Setting yourself free from the in box theories on how success and thriving look is a step in the riight direction.

Consider your joy coupled with how your calmest, deepest knowing guides you when thinking about starting a business. Without a doubt, there is a way to combine your gifts and talents and create the business or position that you love and that is right for you and those your business will serve.

Why I needed a steady income to do the things I really love

I am one of those people who began working at a young age. At 15, I got a job building sandwiches and by the time I hit 17 I was working in the cosmetic department of Macy’s, this make-up loving teen’s dream come true.

At that point, in my late teens, I woke up and realized that the more I get paid by the hour, the fewer hours I would have to work in order to pay my bills.

I was only interested in money for the purpose of putting a roof over my head because, at that time in my young adult life, all I wanted to do was run through the mountains and meditate.

Because I worked five blocks from the beach I had many daydreams about water. The most prominent one at that time was about visiting the aquarium or about spending all my free time in the philosophy section of the bookstore 2 blocks away from the office. I wanted to find a hot guy and lay on the beach with him all day….pretty normal daydreams, right?

My desires at that time did not require money, but food, a home, and transportation certainly do. In the back of my mind, I was committed not to be that daughter who had to move back home after college.

Breaking my back running here and there with freelance jobs. The price of gas started to skyrocket and ‘getting by” was now a struggle. I realized there is a better way and I committed to discovering it.

Money can actually work for you

Then one day I woke up and realized that my money can actually work for me.

This idea transformed my mental programming around money. I began to focus on small stories of this type of success and began to network with people who were already pursuing these goals, I guess I was looking for a money mentor.

I answered an ad for work as an independent contractor at a forex trading office where I learned to flex my intuitive skills with economics predictions. I learned how putting your money towards value of a currency or commodity, grows with that transaction, or diminishes.

My “aha” moment was when I understood that where I put my time was my investment in my future. That being said, I now knew that I had to work in a profession that I was passionate about, a profession that worked for me and my money.

I began researching all of the options for earning residual income and found some key elements necessary for making my decision about what I would pursue.

3 decisions that changed everything

The first decision I made was not to give up. If people were going to tell me “not a chance” I was going to push even harder to find that “chance”.

The second decision I made was to buy the house I was renting. These ideas got mocked because I was 21 with little income, however, I knew I could invoke a rare option and I asked for it. A loan assumption.

The third decision I made was to settle down with one brand that my income will grow with, that allows me to shop in my own store and provide a toxic-chemical free lifestyle for myself and my children.

These 3 decisions were an investment in my self and the generations that follow. They made sense financially. In both cases, the value of my return on investment has increased fivefold or more.

Consequently, by my mid to late twenties, my days consisted working professionally with art, music, dancing, healing, traveling. I enjoyed hikes and studying. I was no longer working to pay the bills, I was enjoying life while I paid the bills.


Now that I’m a decade older I see how my desires have changed. I have 2 children and I’m looking at providing for their future, not just paying the bills. My hobbies have expanded and there are many more places in the world I would like to see. Passionately, I continue to warm with fulfillment when I help people and even more when I see them thrive and achieve their goals.

My philanthropic aspirations continue to grow as I discover new ideas to create a better sustainable world. Like Indigenous Wellness Collective, that brings healers and bodyworkers together to fill a cultural gap in clinical energetic and boundaries.

So now, money has a new purpose and I have a new mindset. That is to work smarter, not harder. To be flexible with the times and shine as an influencer and beneficial presence on the planet.

Find out How I created a successful business that really fueled my passion.

What changes are you willing to make to do the things that you love?

Comment below, you never know. What you have to say may help others.

Does Success have to equal Stress?

A client of mine, an amazing speaker and radio show host, comes to me for respiratory issues. One of the treatments I offer is very effective and deeply relaxing and admitted her lungs felt much better yet she enjoyed the relaxation. As an activist she is managing all different types of stress at work that she was afraid the stress would activate the respitory issue. At that time, the treatment was the only thing that helped her relax.

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Centering our Lives With Self Care

Centering Our Lives –

Self care is so much more than going to the spa. We tell ourselves how much we deserve a spa day, how hard we’ve worked and it’s finally our turn for some pampering. I would agree, we all can use some pampering and various degrees of humidity, or humility, witch the spa tends to provide. 

Self Care is a deliberate activity to take care of self or an aspect of self. 

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Full moon mysteries – Is it truly a time to release?

Full moon mysteries. Is it truly a time to release?
I’m curious as to how many of you feel the message to release and let go during a full moon is based on fact?
I always thought of the full moon as a spotlight onto what is to be revealed, reflected.
As in all cyclical cosmic truths, it would truly depend on a multitude of other cooresponding alignments to potently intend within the flow of lunar phases.
So why do we imprision our inspiration with a certain set agenda to “let go” during a full moon?

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A 5 Step Process to Avoid Conflict

In the book The Buddhas Brain Rick Hanson PH.D writes about the way our deep seated tendencies created through the evolution of the brain within in our species. He writes…

As soon as you place anyone outside of the circle of “us,” the mind/brain automatically begins to devalue that person and justify poor treatment of him (Efferson, Lalive, and Feh 2008), This gets the wolf of hate up and moving, only a quick pounce away from active aggression.

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5 Steps to Creating Passive Income – Part 2

Here is a pic of my daughter and I sitting on a flamingo’s bay on the #Island of Isabella in the#Galapagos archipelago.

She was 5 and I had just turned 30. We were traveling on 2 streams of#passive #income at the time. Connect with me on Facebook on Monday Morning at 9am for a live challenge for YOU to start earning passive income in the way that is perfect for YOU!

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5 Steps to Creating Passive Income – Part 1

First ask yourself,… Who is in charge of you?

Who do you need permission from to live the life you have dreamed of?

I decided to be my own boss back when I was 21. My new “job” as an executive assistant to a metaphysical Dr. required me to sign an “At Will” contract with them upon being hired.

I was young and researched that contract to understand what i was signing. It was an agreement usually reserved at that time for free lance jobs i had as a makeup artist. It meant that my “boss” could fire me “at will” and I could also leave the job at will. It took away many of the responsibilites an employer had to his employee.

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What is a basic protocol for Energy Clearing?

What debris, stale energy, entity, infliction or labels of disease and assumption can you imagine are lingering in any given human aura you come across?

Hard to imagine?

After 4 years of a live in relationship of lovers that included tending to his childrens daily needs, driving him his forgotten briefcase, trusting his word after late nights out, Gloria knew the inevitable.

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