Centering our Lives With Self Care

Centering Our Lives –

Self care is so much more than going to the spa. We tell ourselves how much we deserve a spa day, how hard we’ve worked and it’s finally our turn for some pampering. I would agree, we all can use some pampering and various degrees of humidity, or humility, witch the spa tends to provide. 

Self Care is a deliberate activity to take care of self or an aspect of self. 

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Full moon mysteries – Is it truly a time to release?

Full moon mysteries. Is it truly a time to release?
I’m curious as to how many of you feel the message to release and let go during a full moon is based on fact?
I always thought of the full moon as a spotlight onto what is to be revealed, reflected.
As in all cyclical cosmic truths, it would truly depend on a multitude of other cooresponding alignments to potently intend within the flow of lunar phases.
So why do we imprision our inspiration with a certain set agenda to “let go” during a full moon?

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A 5 Step Process to Avoid Conflict

In the book The Buddhas Brain Rick Hanson PH.D writes about the way our deep seated tendencies created through the evolution of the brain within in our species. He writes…

As soon as you place anyone outside of the circle of “us,” the mind/brain automatically begins to devalue that person and justify poor treatment of him (Efferson, Lalive, and Feh 2008), This gets the wolf of hate up and moving, only a quick pounce away from active aggression.

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5 Steps to Creating Passive Income – Part 2

Here is a pic of my daughter and I sitting on a flamingo’s bay on the #Island of Isabella in the#Galapagos archipelago.

She was 5 and I had just turned 30. We were traveling on 2 streams of#passive #income at the time. Connect with me on Facebook on Monday Morning at 9am for a live challenge for YOU to start earning passive income in the way that is perfect for YOU!

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5 Steps to Creating Passive Income – Part 1

First ask yourself,… Who is in charge of you?

Who do you need permission from to live the life you have dreamed of?

I decided to be my own boss back when I was 21. My new “job” as an executive assistant to a metaphysical Dr. required me to sign an “At Will” contract with them upon being hired.

I was young and researched that contract to understand what i was signing. It was an agreement usually reserved at that time for free lance jobs i had as a makeup artist. It meant that my “boss” could fire me “at will” and I could also leave the job at will. It took away many of the responsibilites an employer had to his employee.

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The 4 Energy Bodies explained

The 4 Energy Bodies Explained.

Spiritual Body – Outer most layer of energy. Connected to your ether and air. Unique to you. The boundary of your dominion. The knowing self. Ageless.

Mental Body – Second to outer most layer. Connected to air and fire. Rooted in your spirit yet reached into a larger group mind. Is typically non objective and obedient if monitered or commanded.

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What is a basic protocol for Energy Clearing?

What debris, stale energy, entity, infliction or labels of disease and assumption can you imagine are lingering in any given human aura you come across?

Hard to imagine?

After 4 years of a live in relationship of lovers that included tending to his childrens daily needs, driving him his forgotten briefcase, trusting his word after late nights out, Gloria knew the inevitable.

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How to be happy – Parts of an Alphabet Map for Renewing your Life

When the Rs give 3 Ps a leg to stand on.

What the heck am I thinking about these days. Alphabet letters that create a map for renewing your life. Yes you! Thank you for showing up!

So what are the 3 Ps I’m talking about?

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How I overcame my resistance to blogging

The idea of blogging made me cringe, i’ve had my WordPress account open for over a decade!

What am I waiting for?

For years people had been telling me to “brand” myself through blogging. I resisted sort of subconsciously, it was a heavy judgement octopus that kept reaching it’s tentacles into my mind. Let’s see all the excuses I created for myself… “I have no interest in self promotion”, that was my dominant reason at the time all dressed up in shiny humility. Or how about, “No one is going to read what I have to say”, on the other end of the spectrum of humility with belief patterns of low self worth.

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