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Today, we face an ever changing world that is in a time of transition from the old patterns of past failures and destruction, to a new era. We all, consciously or subconsciously, seek to return to a time of balance and harmony within ourselves and with Mother Earth. It is generally unknown how specifically all this transition will take place, however it is also felt that our planet is in a constant state of rebalancing. Just like us, she cycles through changes to restore, replenish and renew.

As individuals, we are responsible for our part. Through highest truth and deepest body consciousness, we have the opportunity to tune in to the sound of the soul within, that has seen these changes already occur in thier non-linear form. The soul deeply intends to be of help ad assistance to the body. This coming togeather is an internal job. It requires patience, courage and understanding of the individual to participate with the natural occurring cycles in ones lifetime. It requires determination and committment to personal growth.

I invite you to join me in holding space for balance and harmony. In my private sessions, we explore these and other concepts that give us a higher understanding of the complex emotional, physical, mental and spiritual patterns we find running through our existence, and often our generations. 

I invite you to learn how to deal with sensitivity to all the sacred change and develop an energetic hygene routine to weed out the unnessesary internal and external conflicts that you may be notice causing havoc in your lives.

I invite you to enjoy some of the writing and poetry I have offerred here to balance and set the mind in a direction towards release, restoration and renewal.

Thank you for sharing this time with me here. I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing the infinite blessings always available to you.

Check out my Sessions page for more information about the many modalities (pathways to heal) I offer in private one-on-one time togeather.

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Once again, thank you for the visit and check back for updates as I build and edit this site for more accessability to these modalities and energetic tools for wellness.

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